Published Works

Short Stories:

  • First, Second, Third: YA, Romance, Contemporary. Part of the Harmonious Hearts 2017 Collection.

“It was animosity at first sight, but Derek slowly warms up to Thomas, a quiet boy who shares Derek’s love for science fiction, video games, and snarky comments. When Derek attempts to ask Thomas out, though, Thomas confesses that he likes Derek, but they’ll never be able to date. With help from his friends, Derek’s eyes are opened to more than a few secrets Thomas is keeping—now he just needs to decide what to do about the things he’s learned.” [Buy Link]

  • Make a Circle: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary. Part of the Warmest Wishes 2018 Collection.

“Pagan punk musician Lucas is fully prepared to spend this Yule with the rest of the band and his beautiful bass guitar when Oliver, his boyfriend of almost a year, asks if he wants to join the rest of the Han family for their annual winter celebration. It comes as a shock since Ollie has gone to great lengths to keep the two apart, and Lucas always assumed he was the reason. Since they’re planning to be together long-term, Lucas can’t say no to meeting Ollie’s parents, but he better brush up on his manners and his Mandarin because this is going to be a holiday season like no other—and it has some surprises in store for both of them.” [Buy Link]


  • In The Desert: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary. Part of the States of Love Collection.

“Can a Navajo trans teen and a nerdy Catholic find the place they belong… and maybe themselves? In the desert, anything is possible….

When Wren came out as transgender before his senior year, it cost him most of his friends. His father hopes joining a Boy Scout troop might help Wren meet other young men his age and be accepted for who he is. Felipe Nieves wants the new guy in the troop to feel comfortable, and he reaches out to Wren. They become fast friends… with something more beneath the surface.

Those feelings confuse Felipe, since his religion considers this a sin—and he’s always assumed he was straight—but he can’t help pining for Wren. Asking him out will take courage, and getting together won’t be easy… but through their friendship, both young men might find their identities… and learn to embrace them in a unique coming-of-age story set against the beauty of the American Southwest.” [Buy Link]