Content Warnings

General Notes

This blog talks about, pardon my language, some heavy shit. There’s a lot of talk about my own mental state which means a lot of discussion of mental health issues ranging from depression to suicide to disordered eating. Each post will be tagged with general content warnings, but please exercise caution when reading. Know your limits! And please never hesitate to ask me to tag something, no questions asked.

Rating System

Currently everything on this blog is and will always be suitable for work (sfw) however, there may be content that is not necessarily appropriate for children/young teenagers. However, I don’t dare presume to know exactly the level of maturity for every single person of every single age. As said above, know your limits and know who you’re sharing this with.

There will never be graphic description of sex on this blog. There may be discussion and/or description, however, of violence and serious mental illness including but not limited to depression, dysphoria, and eating disorders. If this is the case, the post will be tagged with proper warnings and “graphic description” before any and all relevant tags.

As of now, “violence” itself is not a tag but “graphic violence” is.

Current Warnings

All tags are formatted as: “cw: tag” for simplicity’s sake.

  • Suicide (including attempts and non-graphic description)
  • Self Harm (including non-graphic description)
  • Disordered Eating (including but not limited to: purging, restricting, and general discussion)
  • Forced Outing (any occasion in which a person is revealed to be LGBTQ+ without their prior consent/planning or in which a person must ‘come out’ under duress)
  • Dysphoria
  • Graphic violence
  • Abuse

Crisis Lines

Trevor Project; for anyone identifying as LGBTQ, specifically set up for teenagers and young adults. Includes text and online chat options with somewhat limited hours and 24/7 phone lines.

Trans Lifeline: a trans specific suicide hotline.