tumblr_n6akm7VBax1sp72gyo1_500Hello, and welcome to this little blog of mine. As I said on the main page, this is where I throw all of my thoughts. Accordingly, you can expect everything from detailed, introspective musings on my place in the Asian American community, my ever-shifting gender identity and sexual orientation, all the way to me complaining about how my D&D players seem determined to screw up my plot and stop me from actually getting anywhere with the session. Sometimes I’ll upload an original work or talk about any projects I’ve got going on. Good luck trying to find a theme or meaning. It’s my life and I’m still trying to figure out what my purpose is. But aren’t we all?

Anyways, as for who I am. I’ve recently graduated from college with a degree in theater. My concentration was in script writing. I’m located in Los Angeles and I’m always looking for things to do (yes, even when I’m complaining about how stressed/busy I am, sign me up for more)! I started theater in high school when I took a small, ten person theater class and fell in love with it immediately.

Besides that, I love writing in general. Prose is my favorite and I’ve been writing since I can remember. Sometimes I dabble in poetry so expect some of that, but really for someone who loves to write I really don’t do it enough.

Other fun facts about me include: I use he/him pronouns, my favorite animals are hedgehogs and dragons, I am currently teaching myself how to play the piano, and my name is a combination of all those writers you didn’t like in high school English class.

Find me on tumblr or twitter.

Enjoy the blog 🙂