To Infinity And Beyond (pt. 1?)

Originally a prompt sent to me by one of my friends on Tumblr (which you can find here), it features some of the characters in our D&D game. I’m the DM and, well, I figured I might as well start transferring over some of the short stories/writing fills that I’ve done over to my non-Tumblr blog ahahaha.

This is very much an alternate universe (AU) of the actual campaign, but all the characters are the same and I’ve basically taken the situation and just… changed it a bit.

Anyways, read, enjoy, and stay tuned for more 🙂

Pst, there’s going to be more updates soon re: irl things.


Keynan was a little taken aback by the group of… people who had been assigned over to his part of the star fleet. They had credentials, but they were still ragtag at best and downright dangerous – to themselves – at worse. But orders were orders and as long as they could help take down the slave ring in Sector 3-14 that was what mattered.

He was still keeping that Pharos fellow away from the on-board morgue, but hopefully that wouldn’t come up.

The group kept largely to themselves, but they would stop by Keynan’s office every once in a while to ask for clarification about something or get permission to yet another part of the spaceship. Keynan wasn’t sure if he’d regret giving them access to the training sims, but nothing had broken yet.

It was eleven in what passed for morning in deep space and Keynan was looking at a full day of paperwork when Xorynth and her merry band of mercenaries came in.

Looking up, Keynan couldn’t take his eyes off of Xorynth even as the shorter one – Lorilla – started talking. It wasn’t just that Xorynth was beautiful, because she was, but rather… she seemed familiar. Like Keynan knew her eyes, her smile, the way she walked, the way she gestured when she was angry or the sigh she made when she was tired.

But he didn’t know why he thought that.

“Have we seen one another before?” He asked her later, the two standing on the bridge of the ship. T.R.C. Solaris was a class SS vessel designed for interstellar travel and named after the legendary ship of old. The bridge had specially tempered glass – that was, of course, bolstered by the vessel’s own shields – that allowed people to watch stars and other interesting sights.

“I… do not think so,” Xorynth replied. Her words were slow, eyes cautious. Keynan understood. They were strangers, after all. “Do any other members of our party… attract your attention as I?”

Keynan shrugged. He thought that the strangers – because they were, he couldn’t think of where he could have met them – were all interesting in their own ways. It was hard to say whether one was more interesting.

“I feel like I should know you too,” Xorynth continued. “I do not know why, I just… You remind me of an old friend.”

Keynan offered her a small smile. “Maybe we met in another life.” He shook his head as Xorynth snorted. “Who knows, perhaps reincarnation is real? The universe is far bigger than you or I.”

“Stick to being a captain, Keynan. Philosophy doesn’t look good on you.”

“Xorynth!” Someone called over. The two looked at Tekoian as he came over. He blinked at Keynan. “Have I seen you before?”

“Tek!” Xorynth sounded exasperated, but their was a fond look in her eyes. “This is Captain Keynan Nasir. The man we’re working with?”

“Oh. Well, Pharos and I were going to explore but then Lorilla yelled at us and now we’re all going to train. Keith wanted to know if you wanted to join us!” Tekoian grinned. At least, Keynan thought it was a grin. It was hard to tell with the dragonaire species.

Xorynth glanced at Keynan.

“It was a pleasure talking to you, Keynan. I will see you later?”

“Of course. Enjoy yourself, Xorynth. It… is a pleasure having you on Solaris.” Keynan didn’t watch as she left.

Author: eleldelmots

I'm a bisexual, trans author currently finishing up a degree in theatre. People like to call me a social-media obsessed, selfie-taking millennial. When I'm not writing I can usually be found in my room playing D&D or in a theater lurking on the catwalks. Other notable facts about me include that I am adopted, cannot juggle and regularly trip over thin air.

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